Managing your busy section can be hard at times. But this simple solution could save you!

Many servers make the mistake of only focusing on one table at a time and addressing their needs prior to moving on to the next table. It is important to promptly address your guests needs in a timely manner, but what about the other three or four tables that are waiting for your attention.

Insuring every guests satisfaction can be challenging at times, but to make your job easier, take care of your guests better and increase your table capacity while staying in full control, you must Work your Whole Section at once.

Every time you pass by your section make sure that you address more than just the needs of one table, you have to be aware of body language and facial expressions of everyone in your section. Most of the time the guest will not need anything until the very moment you turn away from them, so if you move on to other tables thinking that they are good for the next few minutes then you might be mistaken and lost that great service touch.

Every guest is satisfied more than ever when you can anticipate their needs and if you are readily available when a requests comes up. So don't keep your guests waiting for you and always work your whole section at once and see what difference that will make for you at the end of your shift. Always stay calm and collective and be aware of every need a guest may have every time you are in your section. Making eye contact and a smile while walking by when they don't need anything will give them the confidence in your service and insure that you will be there whenever they need you. A higher table capacity while maintaining great service only equals a happier server.