About Us

Our main goal is to boost service industry waitstaff through high quality products and tools. That simple idea is due in part to the years of experience iServ's founders have in the service industry.

To provide exceptional quality products and customer service that exceed our customer's expectations. We are committed to creating the tools needed to help Servers be more efficient and organized.

Meet the founders:
Aran Kissoon, a serial inventor and when he's not on the floor of the restaurant you will most likely find him in his basement tinkering with his next great design. Aran has over a decade of experience in the service industry and has filled many restaurant roles in that time which is why he understands the unspoken needs of servers everywhere. 

Mo Thamer, an innovative thinker with a strong passion for the service industry. His experience started with his family's owned restaurants which contributed to helping him master the operations from the bottom up. With nearly two decades of specializing in guest experience, service and management, he understood the tools needed to be an efficient and professional server.