5 Things that Every Server Should Never Leave the House Without

People who have never worked in the restaurant industry often believe that serving is a job that anyone can just show up and do. Their frame of mind is, “how hard is it to take a food order?” We know that being a food server is so much more than just taking an order and there are certain tools of the trade which makes a complicated job easier. If you are a food server, these are the 5 essentials which you should never leave the house without.

1- A Decent Pair of Shoes

Unlike other working employees, servers are not guaranteed small breaks or/and a half hour for lunch if they work a double. This means you can be on your feet for eight or more hours straight without a chance to rest for even a minute. If you are wearing a bargain pair of shoes you will never make it through your first shift much less a grueling week of doubles.

2- An Arsenal of Pens

Yes, three or four pens may be enough if you are taking a few two tops an hour; but what happens when a group of 18 comes in and they all want separate checks? Sure you could give two pens to the whole table; but how does that come off? You are much better off having all the pens that can fit in your pocket, especially since pens are like currency to a server and you always seem to lose one or two per shift under mysterious circumstances.

3- Clean Clothes

Whether you think it matters or not, your appearance absolutely dictates the tips you receive. If your shirt or apron are dirty it looks especially bad and will consciously or unconsciously reflect poorly on your service, the food, and the entire ambiance of the restaurant. If you are too busy making money to wash your work clothes regularly it may be a good idea to have a few spares hanging around.

4- A Smile

Yeah, it might sound cheesy but a smile could literally mean the difference between 20% and nothing at all. Without a smile a guest could interpret a joke the wrong way or think that you are disinterested in serving them for a multitude of reasons. No matter what you have going on outside of work, forget about it when you walk through those doors and paste a smile on your face; your wallet will thank you.

5- A Server Book

Your server book is your lively hood. It is where you keep your money, credit/cash receipts, guest orders and much more. This is why the ISERV waiter book is an essential tool for professionals in the service industry. Produced and manufactured in the U.S.A with the highest quality materials. Designed with the most innovative and convenient EZ Banking System on the market. Staying organized and looking professional are small secrets to the trade that will set you apart from others and make a big difference in your service performance.   www.iserv.us