A MU$T have for all Waiters/$ervers

New ideas and inventions are being developed each day. Innovations to better the earth, its people, and the community in which they grow in, are rapidly developing in the age of information. Amongst some of the most necessary innovations is the ISERV Waiter Book, a tool that will forever change the ordinary experience of taking orders. With a product that will serve ease to its users, the Waiter/Server Book will allow for effortless organization at the tip of busy fingers. The server book is a necessary tool for a necessary job and nothing compares nor competes to its genius formation. In the slip of an apron, it will give the occupied server a chance to gather important thoughts and belongings without the hassle of doing so. Nothing says professional quite like staying organized and relaxed in a fast paced environment, and the ISERV Waiter Book will allow its user to do just that.

As a server, one must excel in the art of multitasking yet staying on track. The features of the ISERV Waiter organizer are unlike any generic pocket book as they cater to the server’s exact needs. With seven different pockets, the Server Book allows the server a separate compartment for receipts, cash, important notes, orders, and much more as it allows for convenient space and ease of finding important items. The easy banking system of the Server Book creates a stress-free environment for the server. Anyone who has worked or gained experience from the service industry, knows that it can be time consuming to gather change for a customer while all bills are in one messy pile. With the ISERV's EZ banking system, the server will look both professional and organized as the bills rest flat, separated, and visible. The widened webbing of the server book also allows the server extra space for the busiest days. The server will no longer have to chase flying receipts as the spacious book withstands great capacity. The stability, safety, and material of the book, make it an undefiable product resisting high temperature, stains, and damage.

The Waiter/Server Book is a product crafted with the server’s needs in mind. It is created by the same company that makes responder gear and travel products to ensure the best quality for the best quality server. Behind great customer service and a high tip percentage, is a powerful tool that does wonders for the server who wonders: “Where did that receipt go? I can’t find the 100 dollar bill. Is this order going to slip out of my book again?” Because we understand and value the server’s concerns, we have carefully created and stitched together a product that will help the server focus on remarkable service rather than the constant struggle to keep things from falling apart. Like a sidekick, the ISERV Server Book will accompany the server in all walks of the restaurant, keeping things tightly put and organized while saving the server some extra time to gather their thoughts on wait-list days. Carrying the extra weight has never been easier with a product that does the carrying while you do the smiling. www.iserv.us