The Happy Tipster

Servers Determine if I’m Dining or merely Eating


I Determine how Servers should be Compensated.


We do love a good meal at a restaurant.  You can make it a great experience or you can put me on edge and leave me pretty crabby.  A restaurant is only as good as its servers.  Your training is as important as any advertising or menu changes.  You have the most to do with whether I want to come back to the restaurant and whether I become a regular guest of the establishment.  Great service can even compensate for less than excellent cuisine.  We have decided to avoid a restaurant because of poor service more often than because of anything else.

I take pleasure in giving a good tip for great service because I appreciate how hard you have to work to make sure that my dining experience is enjoyable.  Just like all professions there is a relatively small group that excels and a relatively small group of terrible.  A large group covers those from above average (below excellent) to below average (above terrible).   It should be no surprise that those in the excellent group always seem to be the happiest, hardest working and best compensated.  They are interested in anything that can make their job more efficient and easier to do.  Those in the terrible group always seem to be marking time and lack motivation.  It is easy to excel if you are willing to work hard.  It does not take that much effort to have a pleasant attitude and a neat appearance.  Being attentive and appropriate takes a little skill and improves with experience but it is within your grasp if you are reaching for the brass ring.  I feel good when I give a good and well deserved tip.  You have the power to make me feel good!