5 tips to earn more TIP$!!!

1-Fall in love with what you do. When you truly love being a server, it shows. You will become infectious with your good attitude and earn larger tips. In addition to this, you will feel so good.

 2-Assist guests before they even get to your tables. Opening doors or helping with packages & coats gives you a perfect opportunity to begin a dialog plus get your station seated early! Opening the door and greeting a guest also gives you a chance to "check them in" with the hostess plus get and use their name as you seat them and later as you check in on them. Knowing and using a guest's name is an important first step in creating a valuable repeat customer who will always request your station and they usually tip much more.

 3-Look good and smell nice. A dirty waiter or waitress is unpleasant to look at. Wash your apron and uniform. In addition to this, do not smell like cigarette smoke, this turns most people off.

 4-Anticipate your guest's needs. If your table orders fries, you might be wise to bring ketchup (these are often called pre-sets or pre-drops). If your table orders messy food, bring extra napkins. Be a great waiter and anticipate their needs, don’t make them ask.

 5-Repeat the order exactly. There are psychological studies which discovered that you earn more tips if you repeat the order of each guest exactly - not paraphrased. Your guests will then (unconsciously) think that you are similar to them and it will help to make a connection.(wikihow)

 Being the best Server is not a hard task to accomplish, it requires a few more steps that are easy to implement once they become a habit. Staying organized is key to success, especially when you are a waitress/waiter and always have a ton of things to do for multiple tables at a time. Let the ISERV waiter book worry about keeping you organized and professional, and you just make the money.

Make more money| Stay organized| Look professional.