Things to Remember

There are some things that can be done to improve the relationships you build and interactions you have with guests in your store. In any retail or restaurant industry it is likely there has been a time where you have experienced a situation that you were steady, overwhelmingly busy, or excruciating slow. But in these times there are still some key things to remember:

  1. Greet sweet and prompt. Greeting prompt with a smile and positive energy creates a warm welcoming atmosphere that is comfortable for your guest. If possible give a name and get a name, this creates a personal connection and helps reassures their importance. When there is a wait don’t forget to set the expectation, this allows for open communication and shows a proper respect for others time.     
  2. Make sure you listen and make eye contact. There will be a time when you will need to pay close attention to your guest needs and wants. Use this opportunity to discover their expectations for you. Take notes, this is a display of active listening to your guest, it will help provide them with a sense of confidence in you.
  3. Give feedback and make recommendations, if possible. Now if you have listened carefully and discovered a solution to your guest needs and wants, then this is going to be a trust builder. If you have failed to do so, then what you recommend may be a disaster. So make sure you have listened and gathered the proper information before advising. Don’t forget going back to your notes can be a good resource when providing feedback and recommendations.
  4. Follow through. Find the time to ask your guest for conformation. Make sure all their needs have been met. If there is anything further needed, then accommodate for your guest at that time, if possible.
  5. Thank them for the experience. Each interaction should be unique and hopefully enjoyable. Make yourself memorable and remind them of something about you and the experience you shared together.

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