5 Ways to Increase your Tips and make more Money as a Waitress or Waiter

Always Keep a Smile on your Face

1- Fall in love with your job. When you truly love being a server, it shows. You will become infectious with your good attitude and earn larger tips. People are proven to tip higher when they feel a social connection with their server, as if they could be friends. The best way to cultivate this attitude is to enjoy your work and interactions with others.

2- Look good and smell nice. Take some time to get presentable before arriving to work. A dirty waiter or waitress is unpleasant to look at and reflects poorly on you and the restaurant. Wash your apron and uniform, and make an effort to wear nice clothes when at work. While attractiveness hasn't been proven to increase tips for male waiters, effort and cleanliness definitely does.

·         The same study found that adding a bit of personality to your outfit, like a flower or button, increased tips by roughly 15%. For women, this is particularly noticeable when wearing something in your hair.


3- Introduce yourself. In order to build connections with customers, and thus increase your tips, be sure to let the table know your name. When you arrive, say hello and let them know your name before launching into the specials. Waitstaff who introduced themselves earned roughly $2 more per bill.

·         If the table offers you their names, be sure to remember them and use them. The best way to do this is when you get the check. When returning a credit or debit card, be sure to thank the name on the card when handing over the check -- it's been shown to increase tips.



4- Give the customers a little something extra, like a mint or simple drawing. When people feel treated or gifted upon, they generally try to "pay back" the person being generous to them. Even writing a simple "Thank You" on the back of a check was shown to increase tips, and simple smiley faces and pictures help as well.

·         Being kind and generous during the meal can create the same effect. If someone spills something, or an order doesn't come out perfectly, you should offer to rectify the situation for them as best you can.


5- Learn to turn tables over. This is especially crucial when it is busy or the restaurant is filling up. While you should always be kind and courteous, you want people to eat, pay, and move on so that you can get a new table, and thus a new tip. To do this, come collect the dishes once everyone has finished eating, and ask about further courses (like dessert) instead of waiting for them to ask you. (wikihow.com)

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