Do You Know What Almost Every Server Wished for in 2018?

Better Tips - This may not be too surprising for most of us. 

Better Tools - Every profession has tools specific for the job, yet for being a Server we get almost nothing. Considering you still get a "check presenter" as your "Server Organizer" in 2018 is ridiculous. And if we were to guess what paper you use to write down you orders, most likely you hit the feed button on the printer and are using receipt paper. Do you realize how much we are actually lacking the proper tools? The check presenter is intended to present checks to the guest, hence where the name originated. 

So how about we change your serving life in 2018 and introduce you to one of the best tools created specifically for Servers. Intended for you to make more money, stay organized and look professional. Ready to find out???

- Yes please.... show me "The Ultimate Server Organizer" by iServ.

- No Thanks.... I'll continue to serve like they did in the early 1900's.