How to Deal With Impatient Guests at your Restaurant

We've all had guests before that are very impatient and demanding. They feel like everything is taking too long and 5 minutes for them feels like an hour. As a restaurant employee, it could be very draining and challenging to deal with those guests, especially if you take it personal or just don't know how to deal with it the right way.

Most guests have never been a part of the restaurant industry, so they simply just don't get why things may be delayed at times. Although the restaurant industry staff account for 10% of the labor force in the United States, roughly 14 million workers, that leaves 90% of the working population that only knows the dining experience from one side of the table.

This is were professional Waitstaff can make all the difference in the dining experience. You play a very vital role in the operations of the restaurant by keeping those guests happy. Open communication with the guests can make a big difference on how patient they are. A lot of servers sometimes are just afraid to admit to there own mistakes, if you forget to put in the order or ordered the wrong thing and the kitchen has to remake it, let the guest know just that. Honesty and good communication can be the difference between a happy and an angry guest.

If the kitchen is taking too long that night and you have entered your order correctly and on time, then show the guest that you care and share their concern. Tell them you are checking on their food frequently and keep them updated. Ensure their beverages are filled and they have everything they need before the food comes out, if your restaurant offers bread make sure you suggest some while they are waiting. Don't be afraid to get your manager envolved in a situation where you feel the guest is getting really upset and impatient, especially if they have kids that are getting cranky.

Great service is being aware, attentive, caring and punctual with your communication and duties. You have the power and skills to turn any upset guest into a happy and frequent diner. Take pride in what you do and always stay positive, after all, we are in the business of making people happy.