Make More Money and Smile on Your Way to the Bank

Everyone thinks they can be a server these days, but not everyone will succeed in this fast-paced business. Follow these key tricks and tips of the service industry that will keep your bank account happy.

  • If you think you are entitled to a percentage of a bill as a tip, you're WRONG! The word "Tips" stands for, "To Ensure Proper Service". You must provide just that. Proper service. Of course, the average tip is between 15%-20%, but you can earn much more or much less, depending on your sales skills.
  • Knowledge is power! I've seen far too many servers fail miserably because they have no clue what they are selling. Study the menu and alcohol your establishment, know it and love it. The more excited you are about a product, the more likely people are to buy it.
  • Upsell! This has wrongly been thought of as a "corporate practice", however, for every $1 you sell, you can make $.20 on the dollar. For instance, the guest orders a martini. Always ask these 2 questions... "On the rocks or up? What kind of gin/vodka do you prefer? Then have a call or top shelf spirits to list off.
  • Follow the basic steps of service and use suggestive selling! (more on these later)
    • Quick intro
    • Drinks
    • App suggestion
    • Entree order/more drinks
    • Check-back/more drinks
    • Clean as you go
    • Dessert/after dinner drinks- See a theme? Sell drinks!
    • Closeout the check quickly/don't hover
    • Say thank you and leave a lasting impression
  • Read your guests. If a guest is bothered too frequently, your tip goes down. Don't ask if they need something every minute. Control the dining experience and you let them know when they are ready with the next order.
  • Be professional. Leave the server convo's off the floor. Trust me- the guests are always listening.

Happy selling!