Why Effective Teamwork is so Important & How it can Solve Many Problems

Customers are constantly complaining about employees bickering with one another, serve times and incorrect orders are growing every day, and three of your best employees have quit in the last month. All of these problems have one thing in common: They can be the result of a staff that isn’t working together as an effective team.

By creating an environment where teamwork is one of the top priorities, restaurants can retain valued employees, increase customer satisfaction, and exceed sales goals. And most importantly, employees will feel like they’re part of something and be excited to come to work.

Often, the most important part of creating an effective team begins long before problems begin to crop up. Operators should focus on hiring the right people for their restaurant, both in terms of management and team-member positions, experts say.

And since management can set the tone for the entire restaurant, managers should receive training to help them create a team environment that instills an attitude of teamwork throughout the store, starting from the top.

Once the right personnel is in place to lead the team, hiring the proper crewmembers is the next step toward ensuring the staff works well together.

Additionally, it’s important to recruit employees who fit with the culture and environment of a brand so they can integrate easily with the existing team.

It’s also crucial to stress the importance of teamwork during the training and onboarding process. Many conflicts can be avoided by ensuring that each new employee knows the role of each position in the restaurant.

When team issues do arise, it’s best to first get an understanding of exactly what is happening and then address the problem.

A strategy that can often unify a team is to create competitions in which employees must work together toward a common goal. For example, larger chains could hold a contest among different locations, while smaller chains or one-store restaurants can encourage their employees to try to break professional goals or last year’s sales numbers.(Consumer Trends By Jennifer Gregory)

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