Restaurant Owners and Managers -Tools for Success

iServ was created out of the necessity to help servers accomplish goals set by the management team and to promote an easy and convenient tool to accomplishing that. The iServ team, as restaurant managers and employees, understands that it is vital for every business to have more than just order takers at the table, but sales people to promote more products to the guests to insure a great experience and raise the guest average for a healthier business sale increase year on end. Corporates have standards for their owners and franchises as well and set goals for the stores to achieve, such as table turn over time, beverage/liquor sales, increased guest count from previous year, labor percentage, less voids, etc.., and we are proud to have the tool that was designed to address all those needs and exceed everyone's expectations in quality and design. Every profession has its necessary tools that are essential to helping the operator, and now we can finally say waiters and waitresses have met their match. In our "More Details" tab on the homepage we discuss some of the important aspects our strategically designed server book addresses. We have tested our products with hundreds of servers that have years of experience in their fields and were voted #1 by everyone that ever used us. The professional look and design of our books and the specific features implemented to assist servers will only insure great success for management, staff and guests.


Please fill out the information below and we will gladly answer any questions and assist you in anything you need. We offer special pricing for bulk orders.