"This thing is the best! It's made my job so much better! It's the perfect size no corners to tear your apron or stab you in the gut. It's sturdy I can carry everything on my person now instead of hoping nobody gets in my tip bucket or my tips falling out of my apron seriously I love this thing. You can keep the free one your job gives you but you're missing out!" ~Jessica C. @LifeOfAServer on Facebook


"I bought the ISERV server book about 2 1/2 years ago, it serves me awesome! This book does not quit! I still have and use my book daily, its actually more like my go-to item instead of a wallet or purse, not to mention daily when I am at work! As a fine dining server the expectation of a perfect, impeccable appearance is a no-brainer, and my book is my must have since my long, almost floor length black apron has just one pocket for everything I need during a shift! Before my current fine dining position, my book lasted 8 months of a full time serving position at a beer focused bar and restaurant, and before that over a year and 1/2 at a breakfast restaurant! So as you can tell my ISERV book was worth every single cent!!"   ~Jessica H.


“I love this book! It is important for me to stay organized while working and this allows me to do that.  It has an easily accessible place for my smaller bills and a hidden pocket for my larger bills, nice for working late hours.  I would never buy another product. This is the only one for me.”  ~Mary H.


“This book is awesome; I use it for everything now.  I no longer need to carry a purse into work and worry about storing my stuff in the back of the restaurant.”  ~Robin B.


“It is great for keeping me organized when I am really busy; it also keeps everything readily available.  I don’t have to worry about anything falling out when I open it. I recommend this to any server because it is a great tool.”  ~Alexis F.


"Simply Amazing. I finally found something I can count on to keep my money secure and keep me organized at all times."  ~Liz R.


"This book has been a life saver or should I say tip saver. I have had my book for almost 2 years and it still looks as new as if I bought it yesterday." ~Pamela H.


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