"I got this because my old server book that I had kept from a previous job was starting to fall apart. I wanted something that would hold up despite a lot of use. I was really impressed when my server book arrived early! This server book is industrial. I had been debating whether it would be worth spending the $35 and it definitely has been. The book is very sturdy and almost feels like there are steel plates on the inside. I know they used the same material that emergency officials use, but seeing and feeling the book in person puts things into perspective. I use the iServ server writing pads that I had previously bought and they fit perfectly in the slot created. I have been able to keep my time cards in the back pocket and my customers' receipts in front of the pocket window. My pen clips onto the pen hook quite well but without being a hindrance when I need to get it out. I use this server book 5 days a week, for sometimes 7 hours straight and it has held up to everything I have thrown at it. It has been very easy to clean off the front when I have spilled soda or chili on it. I would definitely buy it again and would recommend this book to any waiter/waitress! This is the best server book that I have ever owned!" ~Kelly  

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